Experience the next level of 3D voxel creation. Use a simple yet powerful user interface to quickly create complex voxel based models.
A wide variety of tools divided into voxel, selection, and structure tools
Voxel tools to fine tune your model
  • 9 unique voxel shapes
  • Click and drag to place, erase, color, or extend voxels
Selection tools to control groups of voxel
  • Easily place and orient groups of voxels
  • Copy of pieces of your structures
Structure tools to use multiple structures into a model
  • Change the transformation of structures
  • On the fly control of structure dimensions
Other features:
Structure hierarchy
  • Move, rotate, and scale multiple structures at once
Color Palate
  • Switch between 2 active or 14 stored colors
Planned features:
  • Advanced mirror mode functions.