September 17, 2017
Updated website to show prototypes
  • Home page switched from Cubic Prism to videos of personal projects
  • Created Vulkan Dynamic Mesh prototype
  • Created Mine Sweep VR prototype (VR Unity3D project)
  • Created World Soul prototype (VR UE4 project)
  • Added videos with new work (above) and old work
  • Updated site to support reusuable html code using JQuery
September 22, 2016
PolyME 2016.09.22 released (Prototype)
  • Improved polygon selection tool to select single tool
  • Added cut/copy/paste polygon selection to menu and hotkeys
  • Added move polygon selection tool
  • Added turn (rotate and flip) polygon selection tool
September 11, 2016
PolyME 2016.09.11 released (Prototype)
  • Added polygon selection tool
  • Added delete selection (delete/backspace)
  • Added composite actions for undo/redo
  • Structure now selected on startup and load
  • Fixed crash when using middle mouse
  • Fixed relative transform compution
September 9, 2016
PolyME 2016.09.09 released (Prototype)
  • Fixed create grid and structure rotation interaction
  • Fixed structure renaming inserting whitespace before name
  • Fixed structure rotation loading incorrectly
September 5, 2016
PolyME 2016.09.05 released (Prototype)
  • Paint, Delete, and Dropper tools
  • Keyboard hotkeys
  • Create polygon middle mouse scrolling and snapping
  • Line trace setup to work on tools and selected structure
  • Code memory management setup
  • Fix: Export vert colors now work and faces should be flipped
  • Fix: Mirror tools no use create polygon rotation
August 7, 2016
PolyME 2016.08.07 released (Prototype)
  • Undo/Redo setup
  • Export added and upgraded to use fbx ascii text
  • Mirror window and tools add
July 10, 2016
PolyME 2016.07.10 released - prototype with multivoxel polygons

There's alot of progress made in the new version of PolyME. First, the core of the editor has been upgraded to support arbirarily sized polygons that can be made with the new create tool. Second, the program now uses UE4. The biggest change is that menus now use UE4 widget system so they work more properly, for instance the text boxes and scroll boxes are improved.

Still, alot of work needs to be done. For this update, I ported as much stuff that didn't depend on the old replaced core. The target for the next version is to port the things that were present in the old version and will be reimplemented anyways. This includes undo/redo, obj exporter, and mirror tools. After that, I can focus on implementing the basic new tools: delete, paint, and dropper tool. Finally there's a number of technical improvements and minor features that use UE4's systems I'd like to add.
May 28, 2016
I've been pretty busy since the last update due to work. However there is a good amount of work to share. PolyME is intended to be used as modeling software and was used as such. A few models were created to put PolyME through its paces and exported into another program. Below are images of a scene created with the old version of PolyME.

After being statisfied that these test scenes could look good, I decided to learn to use Unreal Editor as it is commonly used for large projects. There's alot to learn so it seemed best to learn while continuing devlopment on PolyME by creating the new version of PolyME using Unreal. In addition to just being on a new engine, there are two major changes planned for the next version of Unreal.

The first major change is that the GUI will be upgraded to make use of Unreal's GUI system. When work on PolyME began Unity's UI system wasn't designed to show complex menus. Unity's store had some UI systems but I decided not to use them as I felt it would lead to more problems than it would solve. However, there is better support for complex menus now so PolyME will now use a full GUI system.

The second major change is a result of time spent creating the models. The model exporter optimized the meshes but creating each voxel sized polygon and showing them as one was time consuming and made it difficult to model complex objcets. So the core of the editor is being upgraded to support polygons that are arbitrarily sized. The early stages of the prototype are very promising. The image below is a screenshot that shows two simple models. The system still supports smaller models. However the larger model was created in a small fraction of the time it used to take. All the tools still need to be reimplemented to be compatable with the new system and to use the advantages larger polygons provides.
January 23, 2016
PolyME 2016.23.01 released
  • Obj exporter/optimizer added
  • Structure tools now auto resize
  • Multiple bug fixes
January 1, 2016
PolyME 2016.01.01 released
  • Bucket tool added
December 29, 2015
PolyME 2015.12.29 released
  • Turn (flip and rotate) selection tool added
  • Mirror window and tools add
  • Fixed bug with no structure selected and selection
  • Fixed bug with selection and load
December 24, 2015
PolyME 2015.12.24 released
  • Select selection tool added
  • Move selection tool added
  • Delete selection added
  • Cut/Copy/Paste selection added
  • Fixed a bug that caused misalignment of polygon tool display
December 12, 2015
PolyME 2015.12.12 released
  • Create part and full tools combined into one create polygon tool
  • Upgraded the part polygon to have full polygon mode
  • Pencil polygon tool implemented (with part and full modes)
  • Dropper polygon tool implemented
  • Added a button to switch between part and full polygon modes
  • Added a hotkey (Caps Lock) to switch between modes
November 28, 2015
PolyME 2015.11.28 released - Prototype of polygon system

  • Voxels are now created from polygons
  • Polygons can be used to create to model any voxel in deprecated version
  • Polygons also allow new voxel shapes
  • Polygons also allow voxel parts to be different colors
  • Quad polygons are made of parts so quad polygon parts can also be different colors
  • The 14 voxel tools have been condensed into 2 polygon tool
  • Dimension limit removed, dimension tool no longer needed
  • All UI uses a system based on the mirror window

Temporarily disabled features:
  • Selection tools
  • Mirror tools
  • Paint tool
  • Bucket tool
  • Dropper tool
  • Voxel erase tool
  • Copy/Pase

Other Changes:
  • Save format changed.
  • Pivot tool permanently removed. Redundent with selection move.
October 22, 2015
Cubic prism released on Android (Google Play Store)
September 13, 2015
A few designs of a new core of PolyME have been considered. The current design will support dialgonal coloring, as shown below.
September 9, 2015
Cubic Prism 1.1.2 Released on IOS
  • Improved loading time
  • Fixed visual bug in later victory screens
August 30, 2015
  • Website updated to reflect the changes in Cubic Prism 1.1.
  • Work on PolyME is being done to support painting different faces of the same voxels different colors. This requiresa an involved redo of the core of the structures. However the results have been very promising, as shown below.
August 11, 2015
Cubic Prism 1.1 Released - More for free
  • 12 new puzzles
  • Improved user interface
  • Reduced game size by >20 mb.
August 8, 2015
Updated PolyME Camera
  • Camera up/down can only be done using r/f keys since space interfered with object rotation
  • Added a temporary workaround to an bug exposed by Unity 5 update (mesh colliders can no longer have empty submeshes).
August 6, 2015
Updated PolyME Camera
  • Camera can now be moved up and down using space/alt or r/f keys
  • Camera can now be rotated left and right using q and e keys
July 29, 2015
Updated PolyME UI
  • UI borders are now pixel perfect so they show up correctly across all resolutions
  • Buttons and text overall decreased in size
  • Buttons and text no longer scale up so that higher resolutions don't waste screen space
  • Font changed, new font is much easier to read at lower font sizes.
  • Hierarchy menu now reduces the number of displayed items instead of scaling them down until they are too small to read.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug with selection chunk size being incorrect causing selection not to work properly
  • Fixed an issue where mirror display did not update when inputting new structure parameters
  • Fixed structure renaming textbox moving in main display when typing wasd

Known issues
  • Due to the pixel perfect UI just implmented, some tools are now cut off at lower resolutions. Please do not use a resolution smaller than 1024x768 until this is resolved..
June 12, 2015
Cubic Prism 1.0 Released on iPhone and iPad
May 28, 2015
Website Updated
  • Added information about Cubic Prism.
  • Changed website design.
February 24, 2015
PolyME 2015.02.24 released.
  • Added basic mirror editing.
  • Mirror window can be opened from new window drop down.
  • Tools to change the position to mirrored around can now be accessed from mirror window.
  • Values of mirror positions can now be input manually at mirror window
  • Made voxel tools (shapes, erase, extend, paint, and bucket) compatable with mirror
February 17, 2015
PolyME 2015.02.17 released.
  • Solved a few bugs missed in last update.
February 15, 2015
PolyME 2015.02.15 released.
  • Made multiple changes to help with future updates.
  • Improved the user interface hierarchy.
  • UI script generation has been simplified and made more stable.
  • Unexpected monobehaviors costs have been mostly eliminated.
  • Expensive Unity3D methods have been removed.
  • Removed many potentially unsafe statics.

  • Made multiple other improvements.
  • 2D UI skin changed to be less obtrusive and more responsive.
  • Added a few new shapes.
  • 2D/3D UI interaction has been remarkabley improved.
  • Redid structure hierarchy, hopefully fixing all bugs in hierarchy menu.
  • Uploaded win x64, mac os x, and linux versions of PolyME.
December 28, 2014
PolyME 2014.12.28 released.
  • Solved a few bugs caused by the introduction of pivot.
December 26, 2014
PolyME 2014.12.26 released.
  • Added a pivot variable to each structure.
  • Added pivot structure tool and menu to control pivot position.
  • Structures now scale and rotate around the pivot point.
  • Move, rotate, scale, and pivot structure tool 3D UI redone.
  • Selection and structure tools shader upgraded.
  • Fixed dimension structure tool changing the position of children.
  • Fixed a bug with hierarchy scroll bar.
December 23, 2014
PolyME 2014.12.19 released.
  • Added structure copy/paste.
  • Fixed dropper ctrl click..
  • Fixed scale structure tool not updating values in structure menu.
December 19, 2014
PolyME 2014.12.19 released.
  • Selection tools now have run time mostly independent of structure size.
  • Tab now correctly switches between colors.
  • Shape preview color now updates when color changed.
  • Fixed a few visual bugs with selection tools.
  • Turn selection tool fixed to work on all chunks.
  • Fixed a bug with the text input for dimension tools.
December 15, 2014
PolyME 2014.12.15 released.
  • Files are now saved as .vmp instead of .dat
  • New file format is 1/10 the size of old format
  • VMP files have a file header to allow for backward compatibility
  • Fixed minor UI bug with file dialog
December 14, 2014
PolyME 2014.12.14 released.
  • Added chunk architecture
  • Made all tools, actions, and functions chunk compatible.
  • Faster editing of large structures when using voxel tools.
  • Minor changes to selection and structure tool UI generation
November 25, 2014
Public debut of and PolyME.
November 18, 2014
First version (2014.11.18) of PolyME completed.